Metromedia Bio-Science’s mission is to provide patients with chronic disease therapies that both prolong their life and enhance its quality.

For cancer, clinical trials of the Cancer Inhibitory Macrobead (CIM) have been providing consistent data that reflect an extended life for patients who have no other therapeutic options. Coupled with an absence of the typical side effects associated with chemotherapy, these patients need not compromise quality of life for an increased survival. The CIM has the ability to transform a terminal cancer into a manageable chronic disease.

For diabetes, preclinical trials of the Porcine Islet Macrobead (PIM) have also provided data that the complications experienced by diabetics (including heart and kidney disease) would be reduced and that such decreased symptoms can contribute toward a longer life. The fewer insulin injections, as well as the avoidance of immunosuppressive drugs, assure that the PIM will also enhance a diabetic’s quality of life.


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